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Our Services

Centaur Housing Association provides tailored Specialist Enhanced Housing Management Services to our own direct Tenants and on behalf of a number of Third Party Organisations in the following areas:

  • Cumbria
  • Cheshire
  • Crewe
  • Huddersfield
  • Lancashire
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Greater Manchester
  • Macclesfield
  • Merseyside
  • Plymouth
  • Solihul
  • Stoke on Trent
  • Stroud
  • Worcester
  • York

We use our wealth of knowledge and experience to provide essential services such as:

Lettings and Occupancy Process

Centaur HA co-ordinates the Lettings Process for our own Tenants and on behalf of third parties. This involves:

  • Liaising with relevant parties to support tenants who lack capacity to sign agreements e.g. Appointees.
  • Obtaining a Housing Needs Assessment form for all referrals to ensure they are suitability matched to the property and have been
  • Liaising with relevant parties to support tenants who lack capacity to sign agreements e.g. Appointees.
  • We meet with Tenants to discuss the contents of Occupancy Agreements with Occupants and/or their advocates on behalf of a third party.
  • We provide a pictorial Occupancy Agreement to ensure Tenants understand the responsibilities they are committing to when signing an Occupancy Agreement.
  • Where Tenants are deemed to lack capacity, we ensure that both tenants and their advocates/family support members understand their rights and responsibilities of being a tenant.
  • We consult with Occupants on any proposed changes in Housing Management as required by any statutory provision.
  • We administer Occupancy Agreements on behalf of a third party whilst using our best endeavours to ensure that the Occupants carry out their obligations under the agreement throughout the term.
  • We support third parties in taking appropriate action in respect of breaches of a tenants Occupancy Agreement.
  • We arrange Pre-Void Inspections on receipt of Tenancy Termination notices.

Collaborative Working

Our Housing Management Team understands the importance of partnership working and how this is integral to the quality of our services and that our services are specific for each individual applied in a person centered way. To achieve this we:

  • Liaise with Service Commissioners and support providers l to ensure nominations to tenancies are discussed to make sure tenants are suitably matched to the properties and resolve any issues that may arise, such as a conflict between tenants within shared properties.
  • Communicate regularly with Support providers to discuss a wide range of topics, such as voids, tenancy issues and support issues.
  • Work with Housing Benefit departments, providing the information needed to evidence rent and service charge levels, tenants eligibility and in answering queries required to evidence that each scheme meets the status of Specialist Supported Housing.
  • Our employees liaise with local service commissioners and support providers regularly. This is essential to ensure nominations are suitably matched to the properties and to resolve any issues that may arise, such as a conflict between tenants within shared properties or Mobility needs.
  • Support provider meetings cover a wide range of topics, such as voids, tenancy issues and support issues.

Person Centered Support Services and Advice

We understand the needs of our tenants and have a dedicated, supported living team who respond to all reports and are trained in learning disabilities and autism. 

  • We appoint a specific Housing Manager to deal with each property – responsibilities include Liaising with relatives, next of kin and the Tenants wider support network.
  • We structure all procedures to take into account the different responses that are required when taking action on issues such as rent arrears, anti-social behaviour incidents (whether caused by a tenant or a third party).
  • We hold regular tenant meetings to allow Tenants the opportunity to discuss housing management and support issues.
  • We give advice to Tenants about housing related benefits.
  • We support Tenants to arrange for contents and furnishing etc. to be obtained in order to maintain the tenancy.
  • We regularly consult with Tenants to gather information and feedback needed to improve and tailor the services we provide in relation to housing services.
  • We work with Tenants, neighbours, the Police, Environmental Health Services and local authorities to maintain good order within our properties, dealing with disputes, Anti Social Behaviour and Hate Crime.
  • We provide advice to tenants on how to use appliances such as washing machines, cooking appliances and also heating systems.
  • In shared housing; we support the Tenants to agree house rules for the good management of the Property.
Facilities Management

We comply with the relevant regulatory requirements laid down by the Tenant Services Authority and operate policies and procedures in compliance with accepted good practice.

  • We source contractors to carry routine handyman services, obtain details in order to arrange service level agreements, establish and maintain good working relationships with contractors.
  • We arrange minor and major repairs to the property, obtaining quotations for approval through to coordinating works in a sensitive and efficient way.
  • We maintain items of furniture and furnishings provided at the Property in a safe and usable condition and replace the same where necessary.
  • We arrange for the interior of the Property is kept in good decorative order and ensure that the Property is redecorated internally as frequently as instructed by the third party.
  • We carry out regular property inspections, reporting back to third parties where there are significant issues.
  • We organise and co-ordinate Void works to ensure a timely turn around to reduce Void periods and rent loss.
  • We provide a 24 hour out of hours service to deal with housing related emergencies.
Health, Safety and Compliance Management

As the Agent we take responsibility for maintaining, servicing, insuring  and replacing any specialist equipment, which it has provided at the property.

  • We arrange for appropriate risk assessments for all Occupants to be completed.
  • We ensure that any electrical appliances owned by the Landlord at the Property are regularly inspected in accordance with the 1989 Electricity at Work Regulations or any similar subsequent legislation to ensure their safety.
  • Where an Occupant requires a specific Property Adaptation or installation due to disability, we will assist the Occupant to make applications to the appropriate bodies.
  • We provide the initial and continuous advice to the Tenants concerning the safety and security of the Property.
Data and Reporting

The collection and recording of data is essential in evidencing the services we provide and that we mee regulatory requirements in all areas of service delivery.

  • We fully maintain IT systems on behalf of 3rd parties, this often includes using systems such as FixFlo for Property Maintenance and Compliance reporting. We record tenancy and contractor contacts and communication, appointment dates and the time it takes for repairs to be completed in order to evidence KPI’s are met and service standards are met.
  • We maintain Data Systems for holding Tenancy Information and Property information in line with GDPR regulatory requirements.
  • We provide monthly performance reports on all aspects of the services we provide to evidence the work we carry out to inform third parties of any information they may require.
Financial Management

We provide a number of Financial Services, here are some examples:

  • Income Collection Services – we work with tenants, financial advocates and Housing Benefit departments to ensure tenants do not fall into rent arrears.
  • Benefit Applications – We support tenants and financial advocates to submit Housing Benefit Applications, applications for Council Tax discount and signpost tenants where necessary for additional support and advice for Disabled Welfare Benefits.
  • Housing Costs & Utilities – We support the Tenants to set up accounts and arrange payment of water, sewerage rates, gas, electricity, telephone, council tax or other services used or consumed at the Property.
  • Welfare Benefits – We assist and advise claims for property related welfare benefits; i.e. disabled facilities grants etc. for adaptations.
  • Accessing Financial assistance – Where it is recognised that tenants require additional financial support, we signpost Tenants to charities, food banks and advice services where they are suffering financial hardship.

For further information of the services we provide, please contact our office on 01254 958950.

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