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Elizabeth’s new home

Elizabeth's experience of moving into her new home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but it can also be daunting with so many things to organise and plan. For people with additional needs, perhaps having their own tenancy for the first time, this can be even more worrying.  In response our team at Centaur Housing are on hand to support our tenants through the whole process.

Here we meet Elizabeth ,who moved into her own tenancy recently, to hear about her experience and the role Centaur Housing took in ensuring a smooth transition moving into her new home in Blackburn.


What Support did Centaur Housing Provide?

Alex was my main contact and she spent lots of time with me explaining the things that I needed to know. This made me feel much more confident and excited about moving into my new home.

Alex helped me with my tenancy agreement and also showed me how all the things in my house worked. She also showed me how to check them and this makes me feel safer in my home.


Where were you living before?

I was living in an apartment project where I had 24/7 support available to me. Now I have my own home and tenancy. Moving has allowed me to be more independent as I don’t have direct 1:1 support anymore. If I need someone I can always call them but I am living independently now and am enjoying it.

I do receive some support during the week form a Support Provider. They help me clean and do shopping and help me get things organised.


How do you like your new home?

I love it! I met my neighbours the first day which was great as they are really nice people.

The best thing about living here is that it has made me walk more and get out and about. I do enjoy this and I have even lost weight which has made me feel better in myself. I have also been gardening! I couldn’t do this where I lived before. I enjoy planting and keeping things nice and tidy. I have also never had a washing line and I can now hang out my clothes on nice days which is great. I have some exciting plans for my garden as the weather gets warmer!

Most of all I have enjoyed making my home ‘home’ – putting up pictures, curtains and lampshades. My family are happy with my new home and what I am achieving.


What are your plans for the future?

I have recently completed a Run for Life which I enjoyed and now want to look at going back to the gym.  I also want to plan another holiday. I recently went to Tenerife and loved it. I also want to get a volunteering job and of course do more work in my garden! Most of all I want to stay here in my home – I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Alex helped me explore whether I needed any assistive technology to help me be even more independent, I didn’t even know what assistive technology was, but I do now!  I don’t need any assistive technology at the moment, but I know that I can talk to Alex at any time if this becomes a need in the future or if my needs change and they will sort this for me. It means that I won’t need to move home.
Fantastic news – Thank you for sharing you story Elizabeth!​

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